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Policies and Procedures

Our policies and procedures reflect the philosophy and ethos of Pre-school. They provide clear, agreed and consistent ways of doing things. This allows us to maintain effective management and operational practice and has a significant impact in every aspect of the quality of the service that we provide. 

Working in partnership with parents and other agencies

Uncollected child

Threats and abuse towards staff and volunteers

Managing children who are sick, infectious or with allergies

Prime times settling in and transitions

Promoting positive behaviour

Identification, assessment and support for children with SEND

Complaints procedure for parents and service users

Accidents and emergency treatment

Administration of medicine

Allegations against staff, volunteers or agency staff

Allergies and food intolerance

Childrens records and data protection

Confidentiality, recording and sharing information

Food safety and nutrition policy

Health and safety policy

Missing child

Incapacitated parent

Life-saving  medication and invasive  treatments

Privacy notice

Responding to safeguarding or child protection concerns

Safeguarding children, young people and vulnerable adults


Here at Escrick Pre-school, we regularly review all our policies and procedures to ensure that we care for your children in a safe and secure manner. All of our policies are available online or at Pre-school to view at any time. We take any concerns very seriously and welcome parent/carer feedback on any areas where you feel we can make improvements. 

Additional policies and procedures are available to view in the foyer at Pre-school at any time.

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